The Issue Of Stem Programs Essay

The Issue Of Stem Programs Essay

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We live in a world where everyone is striving to be the best, to be on top, to be number one. In the United States, we have advanced in some fields, but have fallen behind in others compared to those across the globe. Over the years, the United States has fallen behind in areas specially related to STEM programs. STEM programs are those pertaining to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Out of those who are currently enrolled in STEM related programs, a fraction of them are Latino. This could be due to a number of reasons: from not having enough money to pursue college, to the improper or lack of teaching in lower level courses, or even the fact that there are very few Latino role models represented in these fields. Once at a university though, opportunities, help, and the number of professors and faculty as a support system, Latinos can flourish and gain all that they hope to in these fields. Now, let’s take a look at Latinos in STEM programs, Latino faculty members teaching STEM programs, and those who can be looked up to as a positive Latino role model in the STEM program fields.
According to Cole and Espinoza’s (2008) research, “of the 436,372 bachelor 's degrees awarded in science and engineering to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, 7.3% (about 31,855) were earned by Latino students.” In a research study done by Crisp, Nora, and Taggart (2009), it was predicted that by the end of the decade, 2010, jobs relating to STEM programs would increase by almost 50% in the United States. With this increase, there is a hope that more students enter into these programs, especially Latinos, to fill these desired job opportunities. In the same journal article, the authors said that, “…nearly half of all Hispanic students...

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...ed “the world’s authority on three groups of marine organisms: chaetognaths, hydromedusae, siphonophores. She also helped the world better understand the oceanic food chain. Finally, we have Raul Alvarado Jr. who was an engineer. He fought to promote opportunities for minorities and his purpose was to help promote the participation of Latino and Latinas in engineering (Newton, 2007).
STEM programs can be a challenging and hard field, but with the right support and encouragement many Latinos exceed in these programs. Even was the obstacles and challenges they face, Latinos stare adversity in the face and overcome the odds on a daily basis, whether that be in daily life, at work, or at school, many make the most of the opportunities that they are given. STEM programs, and excelling in these programs, give us hope for the future and for generations to come.

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