Critical Race Theory And Labeling Theory Essay

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Latino immigrants in the U.S. tend to have the highest dropout rates within the school system. Though, the aggregate statistics goes beyond students’ poor performance, there are many factors that can influence students to make the choice to quit school; for this essay, I will use Critical Race Theory and labeling theory to help me deconstruct the reasons behind this phenomenon, using example 1 of section I. Critical Race Theory in education recognizes that Race and racism are prevalent and significant in the American school system. This particular theory has been used to understand the oppressive aspects of society based on race, culture and language in order to generate transformation in schools as well as in society (Sólorzano & Yosso, 2001). It has often been said, that high quality education is a privilege base on Race and ethnicity. Let’s take Susan’s example, an enthusiastic Mexican teen who aspires to be a lawyer. She came to the U.S. when she was only twelve, she has work twice as harder …show more content…

Lacking the necessary support, many start to devalue the importance of doing well in school deciding that perhaps school isn’t part of their identity. In Susan’s case she’s eliciting multiple forms of subordination, and within each dimension she’s being subjective to different types of oppression; racial oppression, gender oppression, and class oppression, she’s experiencing cultural alienation and isolation and is not only based on her ethnicity as a Latina but is also influenced by how she is treated as a female, as a member of a certain socioeconomic class, and in relation to her English language proficiency, and even her perceived immigration status. In this sense, students like Susan experience different forms of discrimination or marginalization that stems from

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