The Issue Of Practice And Licensing Requirements Essay

The Issue Of Practice And Licensing Requirements Essay

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Reading our third take-home case vignette C, reminded me of several ethical and legal issues as a future Marriage and Family therapist, should be aware of. Knowing these rules could help me to avoid making mistakes after graduation and work in a safe atmosphere with clear boundaries in which I have knowledge about my limitation as a therapist. In this paper, I will summarize the issues which I recognized in the Case Vignette C.
The first issue that I am going to discuss is the MFT Scope of Practice and Licensing Requirements. This issue is about what the law says you do as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). The problem in the scope of practice in this case is the dual relationship between therapist and the client. In this case, Daniel gives Julia a thicket for the theater in which he would also attend, then he says that he would like to take her out for a late night dinner. These activities could be considered as having dual relationship which is unethical. Julia should avoid having any other relationship with Daniel except being his therapist. Even if he asked her to be his supervisor, technically she could, but it can cause dual and multiple relationship which is unethical as well. She should reject both of his offers for the theater and dinner in the safe environment. Because he is a psychology student, she could recall him their boundaries’ relationship as the client and the therapist.
The next issue to be considered is Competence in which Julia must have appropriate education, training, and sources experience in order to help Daniel. She must know what she is doing. She needs to have enough skills to treat an individual as an LMFT. Having enough knowledge and training for working with male adult. Also, he has symptom o...

... middle of paper ...

...essential as a preliminary response to this case. On the other hand, ethical resolution of his case to be on the graduate psychology school and being aware of limitation of confidentiality and boundaries, still asking Julia for going out, make it more difficult to follow all the ethical and the law to be followed by Julia. . Reporting his danger for his former supervisor must be done by her could help the MFT community to improve the knowledge of this mater and future problems. Consulting with her colleagues and her own supervisor and inputting from agencies, other specialists, and community leader is very helpful for getting feedback. At the end, there is some action to be taken such as reporting, decides to whether tell him about reporting or not, seeking help from other therapist and specialist, and avoiding perfection, ponder, procrastinate, and paralyzing.

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