The Issue Of Health Insurance Essay

The Issue Of Health Insurance Essay

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Health Insurance
Everyone though out the United States are being to have some sort of health insurance since legislations passed the patient protection affordable care act that began in the beginning of 2014. The reform act basically states all people have to have some type of health insurance and if they fall to have the minimal required insurance then will face a tax penalty. However, with the written laws the information is difficult to understand and even more difficult to interpret what the impact will be if people fail to comply and get insurance (Suelzer). Although the coverage is mandatory there is a loophole in the act making some people exempt from being required to have health insurance. Individuals who have a religious belief, undocumented emigrants, incarcerated people, Indian tribe members, and families who have income that is below the taxable threshold all fall into the exempt status and are not required to have health insurance according to Marcia Richards Suelzer, MA, JD (Suelzer). My goal is to focus on health insurance showing it is not benefiting the people of the United States because of the extremely high costs.
Although health insurance is beneficial because providers get paid for the services they offer to the patient the insurance premiums and deductibles are in many instances way more than many families across the United States can afford. With these extremely high costs for insurance statics show that over 40 million families’ can’t afford or have access to needed health care systems. “It shows that one-fifth of Americans couldn 't afford one or more of these services: medical care, prescription medicines, mental health care, dental care, or eyeglasses (Reinberg).
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...t and making them rob a bank, the person does not want to rob the bank but they do for fear potentially of being shot for not complying. It is the same type of situation, the government says you have to get and keep insurance or face penalties for failing to comply. Benefits to having healthcare, like having access to health care they may not have had before, there was no regulations put in place on insurance companies. When people began being forced to have insurance the insurance company’s raised their premiums making it harder to afford. Individuals started seeing higher out of pockets expenses because of higher deductible and copays, before the insurance plan pays anything. So the average citizen may over the course of a year pay in thousands of dollars to their insurance between premiums and deductibles and never see the full benefit’s the police has to offer.

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The Issue Of Health Insurance Essay

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