The Issue Of Hate Crimes Essay

The Issue Of Hate Crimes Essay

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One of the biggest social issues in America are hate crimes . These issues are growing and getting worse over time rather than getting better. Hate crimes are when a person does not agree with someone else’s differences such as sexuality and race, and they hurt others mentally or physically to show their anger toward them. A hate crime is motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. People fail to realize how much harm they are causing someone physically and mentally. When they excessively use racial slurs or judge someone because of the color of their skin, sexuality or simply judging them because they are different. There are many different types of hate crime being committed in society today where individuals are harming themselves, such as cutting themselves, committing suicide and hurting others because of hate crimes and the majority of these cases are targeted towards homosexuals.
Hate crimes are defined as a social issue because these types of crimes almost never stop happening. For instance, in schools there are hate crimes, also known as bullying. crimes like this are often committed by children do not know any better. Hate crimes are not only come committed by children, but also come from all types of people in different places. According to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Hate Crimes and Suicidality Among a Population-Based Sample of Sexual-Minority Adolescents in Boston, they state, “ data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation demonstrated that 17.4 % of the 88, 463 hate crimes between the years of 1995 and 2008 targeted sexual minorities” (Duncan, D.T., Hatzenbuehler, M.L., 2014). The percentage of hate crimes is more than what it looks like, which means thousands of p...

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...sed one of the men by making a pass at him, the investigators said ” (Brooke, 1998). The attackers were so deceiving and at the same time were mocking gay people by pretending to be gay. This quote conveys how far people actually go to destroy someone just because of their sexual orientation. This makes homosexuals not want to trust anyone because they can believe people pretend to be their friend to deceive them in the end. Both Russell A. Henderson, and Aaron J. McKinney were charged with attempted murder and possibly were going to face first degree murder with the death penalty(Brooke, (1998). This case made a great impact on the gay community, it grabbed most people 's attention especially congresses. The gay community hopes Matthew’s death convinces congress and state legislators to pass hate crime legislation in order for them to have equality (Brooke, (1998).

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