Isolated By The Internet By Clifford Stoll Essay

Isolated By The Internet By Clifford Stoll Essay

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In the essay, “Isolated by the Internet” by Clifford Stoll, we read about the negative social impacts the Internet has on an individual. He supports his claim that “Internet use can have serious negative long-term social effects” with studies by two psychologists. They have come to realize that the social ties between people on the internet is not nearly as strong as the ties they develop in person. Face to face interaction is more effective than screen to screen interaction. The ties that people develop amongst others can also be dangerous. For example, some interaction on the internet can be lead to destructive situations; such as catfishing, cyber bulling, and credit card fraud. Loneliness and depression are another effect that the Internet has been brought upon many. Stoll’s claim is correct because the internet creates a place for people to escape from the world around us and it can even be a dangerous place. Even if we are constantly social on the Internet and have a connection with someone online, there is a more effective relationship or friendship with face to face interaction.
Stoll’s focus on weak and strong social ties brings an understanding to the readers of his view on why he believes the Internet is not a positive social environment. The Internet has become a place where people can publicly whine about their personal problems and their followers can view what they said and keep on scrolling; not even caring about what that person is going through. On the other hand, when a person comes up to you personally and vents about their problems, he or she is more than likely going to give a response back that can help you with what you are going through. Stoll focuses on the social effects that a person has while using...

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...y room for many hours playing video games or refreshing my Facebook feed to see what the next person is going to say, I would feel lonely and depressed because I wouldn’t really be interacting with people and getting to know them. The internet has allowed people to partake in bulling others because they can hide behind a screen to protect them and makes them feel strong and mighty, while the victim feels small and weak. Being in a social place, but alone stems from being in a social gathering but virtually escaping it by entering the internet world. On the other hand, the internet can give us access to live news broadcasts and give us a sense of being connected with nationwide events. This gives us the ability to know what is happening in the world around us. Overall, the internet can be a place of escape, but it doesn’t make us a better person if we have it or not.

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