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Islam: Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdallah Essays

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During the seventh century Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdallah spread his teachings around the Arabian Peninsula, who previously had very few feelings towards a religion or a higher power. He was born in Mecca, now the city that all Muslims must make a pilgrimage to during their lifetime. At the age of 40, he began to experience spiritual dreams and visions all pointing towards the belief that there is “only one, all-powerful God.” Because of his attempt to spread the belief system he reigned to be true, he was kicked out of his birth land and traveled to other places attempting to spread the word of Allah. After 23 years of receiving these messages from Allah he memorized and recited them which his followers wrote down and were later incorporated in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. In 622, Muhammad moved to Yathrib, there he converted the individual tribes to an integrated populace following his teachings. The impact made on these people caused Yathrib to be known as “the Prophet’s City.” Once Islam became prominent enough he was allowed back into Mecca and not only was he unbanned but he was welcomed with open arms.
After Muhammad’s death, caliphs, political and military leaders who ruled under Islamic Principles, wanted only to establish political rule other than attempting to spread the religion as a whole. This attempt caused Arabic to become a more than just a local language, and today is the official language of various countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. It is so prominent because in the countries with Islam as their main religion every person speaks Arabic; it is the language of the Quran and to be considered a true Muslim one must learn to read the sacred texts in their true form. Muslim countries have still man...

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