Is the Use of Sexual Imagery in Ad Campaigns Unethical? Essay example

Is the Use of Sexual Imagery in Ad Campaigns Unethical? Essay example

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Is The Use of Sexual Imagery in Ad Campaigns Unethical?
People will soon realize that they're being manipulated by advertising companies due to sexual imagery. Even though a person may buy a product due to sexual imagery, it defeats the purpose of selling the product if the product is not any good. Also, companies will only gain temporary customers if sex is their only strategy for advertising Not only will the consumers feel cheated and utilized, it will take a much greater attempt on the part of the advertisers to regain the customer’s trust. Therefore, using sexual imagery in advertising is unethical because it distracts the consumer from the original issue in which it is for them to buy something.
Merchandise that is usually associated with sex appeal include designer clothing, alcohol, and fragrances. They appear to feature sexual imagery that is very explicit. For example, Axe body spray is a prime example of a brand that claims to provide sex-related benefits. Usually these commercials feature a guy, typically between the ages of 18-26, using this Axe Body Spray then automatically achieving a higher social status and becoming a “chick magnet.” (Chacko). Billboards and print ads that display sexual encounters are more likely to not only catch your attention, but are more memorable (Chacko). Even though these advertisements are degrading, the media makes it acceptable. As the culture changes in our society so does the social perspective and social norms. (Chacko). Advertisements that include sexual aspects are further engaging and entertaining especially when they present a “fantasy element” (Chacko). Sexuality is a fundamental characteristic of people that influences their thoughts and behaviors. This includes attention, ...

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...them a bad image.

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