Essay about Is The Criminal Justice System Equal?

Essay about Is The Criminal Justice System Equal?

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Is the Criminal Justice System equal?
In today’s society we are told to treat everyone equally, but is the Criminal Justice System doing so? We all see criminal reports through our t.v news, social media, etc. We can safely say that most of the criminal reports we see on crimes committed are done by African Americans and Hispanics. Crimes committed by White-Americans are rarely shown, and when they are the reports or crimes are not as intense compared to crimes committed by another race. Furthermore, more importantly many people can agree that the sentences that each “criminal” gets differs, not according to the crime that was committed, but to the race of the person. Could it be because African- Americans and Hispanics actually do commit more crimes than White-Americans do? Or are African Americans and Hispanics more likely to get caught and arrested for the crime that was committed than Americans due to their skin color? If that is the case, our society is not treating everyone equally like we should be. All races should be sentenced at an equal level of punishment, race should not determine the “criminal 's” sentence. Surely, many can agree that criminal sentences committed by African Americans and Hispanics are more intense than crimes committed by White-Americans, and that is violating their equality.
To begin with, focusing just on African Americans, Hispanics (and Americans), they are not the only racial groups that commit brutal crimes, White Americans do too. Many of us can agree that the main factor in why African-Americans and Hispanics are more seen within the Criminal Justice System is their race. According to John Macionis race is “a socially constructed category composed of people who share biologically transmitted...

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...nplace in America and police are expected to approach them safely if an investigation is warranted, not shoot them dead within two seconds” (2015).
To conclude, African Americans experience unequal treatment, punishments, and sentencing when it comes to the Justice System. Race and stereotypes are a huge negative impact on the unequal punishment or sentencings that people receive according to the color of their skin. African Americans can commit the same crime as a White American and still get a longer sentence or treated brutally. Not only do colored citizens receive longer and harsh punishment but sadly we have lost lives. For the individuals who lost their life due to unfair reasons based on their skin color, we will remember all of, and honor them. Rest In Peace, Trayvon Benjamin Martin, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice. You will make a difference in our Country.

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