Is Scientific Progress Inevitable? Essay

Is Scientific Progress Inevitable? Essay

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Is Scientific Progress Inevitable?
The Development Study of Advances in Technology

According to the article “is scientific progress inevitable?” can understand that advances in technology are in the order of nature and advances in technology are regular. This article may be expanded many ideas about the progress and development of technology. Technology must be progress, but the progress of scientific discovery may not be able to promote social development in a short time. Although the power source of social development is the advancement of technology, but technology discovery just a part of system and it is an integral part, but only "essential" conditions, rather than "full" condition. Anyway, the article has made the readers to think about the scientific process is not inevitable, but if without technology, people cannot live in this highly developed world.
If people want to live better in this developing world, the scientific progress world remain non- inevitable. Historically, human life is constantly evolving. Influence and restrict the historical evolution of lifestyle factors are manifold. The level of scientific and technological development is to determine how people survive, which is one of the decisive factors in life. The level of development of science and technology, determine the total amount, variety, nature and quality of life data. Progress of modern science and technology has greatly promoted the human lifestyle change. With respect to the pre-modern social life of human history in terms of lifestyle is a huge step forward. People 's material living conditions greatly improved that cultural and recreational life colorful. Several technological revolution of the human scientific and technolog...

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...stimulating and exciting career filled. It is made the human thirst for knowledge and curiosity satisfied, and so that people further expand the wings of imagination, to understand and appreciate the beauty and magic of nature, changing social and cultural structures and people 's way of thinking.
In summary, the world is dynamic, in this highly developing world that people need to use science to support their selves into a better situation. That’s the reason why the technology is more essential than the scientific progress. Even though, the both technology and scientific are permeated all aspects of society, so that people 's way of life and way of thinking has undergone tremendous changes. But whether they have independent of inevitability, advances in technology development still greatly help social development, so that people can live in a whole new life.

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