Does Science Drive People Away From Religion?

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DOES SCIENCE MAKE PEOPLE ASIDE FROM RELIGION? Science does drive people away from their religion because it provides elucidations and makes people analyze what religion obligates to believe. People have to accept what the religion says with no opportunity to question it. Besides, science approves what religion does not, for example clonation, heliocentrism and the origin of life; also, the morning-after pill which was developed by the science and the religion is dissident about it. The bunch of proofs that science has supplied, has put humanity in doubt and has unbalanced the belief of the origins of life. Religion and science have always been seen as two different fields. Some people are inclined towards religion while others opt for science. This essay will explain the differences between scientific and religious creationism. Both of the creationisms are theories. Religious creationism might be considered as blind faith because no proofs are given but it focuses on what has been thought since always, instead, scientific creationism has proofs and explanations of what has been happening depending on Earth’s changes and the nature. Religious creationism starts with the inception of a supreme being also named God, and scientific creationism starts with the Hadean eon.
People who think that Earth was made by God believe in this because of their faith in him and his word. Religious theory of creationism is hypothetical since it is considered possible without having proofs to verify it. An example is the phrase "We walk by faith, not by sight." (I Corinthians 5:7). According to the most popular religion in the world, Christianity, the world was created in 7 days by God. In the first day, light and darkness (day and night) were mad...

... middle of paper ... not totally agree with it because the possibilities of an accidental origin are tiny. Although I am considered Catholic, I do not believe in its theory of the creation because science provides explications, contrary to religion, which is based on believing what the bible and the church says. The scientific theories of creationism have a rational explanation step by step not including philosophical part, but the chemical coordination of the formation of the universe and life since its most minimum expression. Religion explains the origin of life in its own way by forcing people to believe in its principles without any discussion, therefore, humans’ logic rejects its impositions and to my point of view, what may be called their fantasies. On the other hand, both theories could be either real or false by the very fact that they are theories and are not ascertained.
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