Essay Is Psychology A Science?

Essay Is Psychology A Science?

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Is psychology a Science? To answer this question we must first look at what psychology is. Gregory Feist and Erika Rosenberg (2012) defines psychology to be “the scientific study of thought and behavior.”(P. 5). Psychologists study why a person feels, thinks, and acts the way they do. Psychology is two fold. There is the well known clinical side, in which disorders are diagnosed and treated. The other side is the little known scientific psychological, which uses the scientific method to test psychological theories. Psychology is not only a science it is a core science, which means many other fields of study are related to or are a product of psychology. Some examples of these fields are behavioral neuroscience, forensic psychology, and health psychology. We all recognize neuroscience, health, and forensics to be science. Why then when the word psychology or behavioral is added it 's no longer considered a science? Psychologists, just like every other scientist, pose questions then test them using research and scientific studies. The only difference being psychologists test to see peoples reactions, and scientists test measurable results like math.(Feist & Rosenberg(2012)P.6-12).
When or how did psychology start? The clinical side started in the stone age. When medicine men would try to exercise demons or spirits. We now know these spirits to be mental illnesses or behavioral problems. The next advancement in clinical psychology is when the ancient Chinese decided it was not demons. They felt it was something with in a person. Saying the organs held the emotions. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians also felt the problem was natural and biological not spirits. Unfortunately during the Renaissance, the world went back to the old way o...

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...slower then babies that were talked to normally. The scientist then tests the theory. The scientist assign a constant, or the element of the experiment that nothing is done to. I.e. the child whose parents talk to them normal. Also assigning an independent variable, the element that is changed by the experimenter. I.e. the parents talk using baby talk. Using learned experience, common cents, and research on the subject experimenters make testable guess, as to what will happen under specific situations. This guess is called a hypothesis. Once the test is complete the results are annualized. The thing that happened in a direct response to the independent variable is the dependent variable. After being annualized, the results are presented, to their peers for review. The results are then tested by others to see if they can be replicated.(Feist & Rosenberg(2012)P. 40-53)

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Essay Is Psychology A Science?

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