The Is Not A Flawless Machine Essay

The Is Not A Flawless Machine Essay

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Mankind is not a flawless machine. It is one plagued by mistakes and consumed by the proceeding consequences, riddled with high hopes yet stalled by insufficiency. However, these set backs provide the opportunity for man to learn, grow and prosper. A man in the present and that same man a year in the past are as similar as they are different, for his actions have made his wiser and have altered his slant on the way he attacks a situation. As Desiderius Erasmus once stated, “A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”1 Man is an ever-evolving creature, and with that comes shifts in personality and views throughout a lifetime. These reformations are displayed throughout history, with perhaps one of the most prominent people perpetuating this cycle being Vladimir Lenin. His rash course of action that brought him into power is abandoned by the end of his reign and replaced by a carefully thought-out plan of attack to secure the Soviet government. Seeing the effects of his actions, Lenin ended his legacy in a manner opposite to how he began it, and, while his plan of action changed, Lenin’s ultimate end goal of Russia becoming a Socialist power remained intact throughout his tenure.
When the Russian people disposed of the tsarist regime in 1917 they replaced it with the Provisional Government, placing the power within the country in the hands of an elite few. Driven by his desire to spark socialism in Russia, Lenin strongly opposed this move, a point made fairly clear in his piece entitled “April Thesis,” when he calls for “No support for the Provisional Government” but rather support for a government system ran by the masses. And with his October Revolution, Lenin set out to do just that. This uprising marks th...

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...stronger and gave him a better insight on what was truly occurring within the government he strived to construct. Doing his best with the little time left, Lenin made drastic changes in his way of ruling in order to combat his old mistakes. The hastiness of his pass was set aside in order to deal with current situations at hand, most specifically to attack Stalin’s excessive power and to gain the required support of the working and educated people. By the end of his regime, Lenin entertains the possibility of failure in “Better Fewer, But Better,” by stating “Either we prove now that we have really learned something about the state organization, or we prove that we are not sufficiently mature for it. If the latter is the case, we had better bit tackle the task.” Even the most powerful man in Russia at the time acknowledged the fact that man is not a flawless machine.

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