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  • My Closet

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    My Closet I sat quietly on the couch next to my father. His short muscular arm extended over my head as if to protect his little girl. His fingers got lost in my strands of hair, as I yanked my head forward as if to signal I did not want him to play with my hair. My new baby doll with big blonde ringlets and skin that smelled like a baby’s skin after it has just been powdered, rested in my lap. My meek hands stroked the tiny doll as if it were alive. My father knelt down and kissed my forehead

  • Exploring The Closet and Coming Out

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    That said, I do not wish to make a judgement call on whether or not someone should or should not come out. Rather, I wish to examine the complicated space represented by "the closet" and the multifarious effects that "coming out" has on the larger social structure. On one hand, it is tempting to say that the space of the closet, and the resulting ability to come out, is a necessarily radical weapon. Our social structure is based around insides and outsides: "any identity is founded relationally, constituted

  • Coming out of My Heterophobia Closet

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    Coming out of “My Heterophobia” Closet Growing up in a heterosexual world as a Lesbian who remained in many closets, has shape my identity and the way I will transact with people for the rest of my life. Upon coming out of closet, or being pushed out (by suspension from parents and friends) at the age of eighteen or nineteen I quickly assumed the bi-sexual title because it meant at least there was hope for me in the future. This proved to be worse for my self-esteem, and may have caused the most

  • Monter Inc. Movie

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    Reverse Monsterfication Throughout the length of the movie, I was taken back to my childhood when there were monsters in my own closet. Over the years, the monsters have all died and been replaced by just as scary skeletons, so my closet is still full. However, to a young child monsters are still lurking in the shadows, and they still make the floor creak. The approach taken by the writers of this film is one of uniqueness and of originality. By successfully juxtaposing the situation between monster

  • Inconsistency in Hamlet

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    is an artistic failure, due to a basic weakness in the play. It was his contention that a playwright owes a duty to the audience to write dialogue appropriate to characters as they have been developed in the drama. Eliot made the point that in the "Closet Scene," when Hamlet confronts Queen Gertrude, his mother, in her bedchamber, his words demonstrate an animosity and a vindictiveness for which the audience is totally unprepared. Since Eliot's charge against Hamlet is self-evidently valid, actors

  • Spanish Essay

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    con el paquete envuelto y entregárselo. Lo tomó y salió de la tienda. Se fue a su casa, y desde ese día en adelante visitó la tienda todos los días para comprar un CD. Siempre se los envolvía la joven, para luego llevárselos a su casa y meterlos al closet. El era muy tímido para invitarla a salir y; aunque trataba, no podía. Su mamá se enteró de esto e intentó animarlo a que se atreviera a invitarla a salir, así que al siguiente día se armó de coraje y se dirigió a la tienda . Como todos los días compro

  • Shakespeare's Hamlet - Indecision within Hamlet

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    both the prayer scene and the closet scene: In the prayer scene and the closet scene his [Hamlet’s] devices are overthrown. His mastery is confounded by the inherent liability of human reason to jump to conclusions, to fail to distinguish seeming from being. He, of all people, is trapped in the fatal deceptive maze of appearances that is the phenomenal world. Never perhaps has the mind’s finitude been better dramatized than in the prayer scene and in the closet scene. Another motto of the Player

  • Personal Narrative- Marriage Proposal

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    where the ring box would sit hidden, to be discovered by surprise. Instead, the tray is simple: the two lidded plates stacked over one another. The box is going to be obvious. I sign for our meal and send the young man away. I step quietly to the closet and dig the little white box from the bottom of my bag where it has been hidden for the extent of our trip. I cautiously open it to make sure that everything is right, to make sure that this simple, yet expensive thing that, in only a few seconds

  • Comparsen Between The Book And Movie Cujo

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    about Tad going to bed and how he?s a little nervous because he thinks there is a monster under his bed. His father tucks him into bed and says good night. About 10 minutes later Tad wakes up screaming his head off saying he sees a monster in his closet. The author doesn?t even describe what the ?monster? looks like. In the movie it shows wha...

  • The Character of Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    may assume that she has not gone to Claudius's bed unwillingly, although there is a lack of evidence that she returns the King's obsession with her. She is protected by the ghost, too, who commands Hamlet not to punish her and intervenes in the closet scene when Hamlet's attack on Gertrude is at its height. The ghost's instructions to his son are specific: "But howsomever thou pursuest this act Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul contrive Against thy mother aught.." (I. v. 84-6) Hamlet

  • Free Essays - Act 3 Scene 4 of Hamlet

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    Act 3 Scene 4 of Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4, so called the closet scene, is the first time we see Hamlet and Gertrude together alone. In this scene Hamlet releases his anger and frustration at his mother for the sinful deed she has committed i.e. her marriage to her brother-in-law and the murderer. We can see that Gertrude is unaware of her husband's murder when she says `As kill a King?' and it is the first time she confronts her own behavior. There is a conflict between the two; Hamlet gives

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage Will Reduce Income Inequality

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    "No person can maximize the American Dream on the minimum wage." -- Benjamin Todd Jealous "No family gets rich from earning the minimum wage. In fact, the current minimum wage does not even lift a family out of poverty." -- Jon Corzine Income inequality has been a major problem facing American society for decades, but has recently become a major concern. I personally believe the major gap between the income of the rich and poor is a not just, but is not a major concern for the government

  • Theodore Roethkes Poem Sale

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    everything in the house seems to remind him of his grandfather and how his grandfather was an abusive man to him and the rest of his family. He is trying to let go lost memories. In the beginning of the poem Roethke writes, “-And an attic of horrors, a closet of fears.” (1.4). This is where you start to feel that the poem is about something more. He uses metaphors to describe the house, or in this case, what may have happened in the house. Roethke starts by saying that this house is for sale and he describes

  • Red Plaid Shirt

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    Red Plaid Shirt Where are the memories of our pasts held? In scrapbooks full of photographs, or perhaps written on the pages of a locked diary? Picture though, something as simple and ordinary as a closet full of clothes. Think about its contents, where they have been worn, what they have been through, the stories attached to each item. The nameless protagonist of Diane Schoemperlen’s short story Red Plaid Shirt does this as she recalls a snippet of her past life with each article of clothing she

  • Child Abuse and Neglect

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    that with the hectic life styles of today’s society, sometimes it just seems like life is a struggle and just too much. Spanking a child as corrective action is one thing, but beating a child, ripping his or her hair out, locking him or her in a closet, or verbally abusing a child is unacceptable. One solution we can consider is...

  • Personal Narrative- A Seinfeld Addict's Dream Come True

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    counseling mother!" I retorted. "Don't you realize that Seinfeld is going of the air? Seinfeld isn't coming back, and there's nothing anyone can do." Mom tried to soothe me. "There's always other shows, maybe Veronica's Closet would appeal to you." "Veronica's Closet! Veronica's Closet! I would rather be crushed in the gears of a combine than spend thirty minutes of my life viewing that sorry sitcom." I huffed. "There will never be another show like Seinfeld." I stomped off to wallow in my own self

  • Dreams Of A Lifetime

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    the few things that mattered the most to him, his dreams.Steven grew up in a family of poverty, heartbreak, and violence. Every night Steven’s dad would come home drunk and beat on Steven and his sister, Danielle. Sometimes Steven would hide in a closet with his sister praying that his dad wouldn’t come home. The pain Steven suffered during these beatings were unbearable. Steven’s mother couldn’t do anything about it. She was afraid of her violent tempered husband. She tried to take her kids away

  • Moliere's Tartuffe - The Character of Tartuffe

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    finds out about this proposed marriage, and Dorine promises to help Mariane and Cleante expose Tartuffe for the hypocrite he is. Meanwhile, Damis has a plan to hide in a closet to try to expose Tartuffe's hypocrisy. He hears Tartuffe profess love to Elmire, Orgon's wife, and suggests that they become lovers. Damis comes from the closet and threatens to tell Orgon what he has said. Damis then tells Orgon, and Orgon is so blind to the truth, that he believes his own son is evil and disinherits him. Later

  • Essay About Family: The Extraordinary Bond of Sisterhood

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    an empty closet looking back at me. Whether Fallon is at home or living somewhere else, she will always be the older sister that I look up to and want to emulate. When I see the closet looking back at me, with just a graduation robe hanging in it, I can not help but stop to reminisce. In my old house my sister and I shared a room and my little sister had her own room because she was the baby. I lived with my big sister in our room for the first eight years of my life. We shared a closet, bunk- beds

  • Byberry Mental Institution

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    me too much because the people that I talk to here are all nutcases who are locked in their room’s day in and day out. Sometimes when I’m walking around, sweeping or whatever, I’ll run into one of the staff members. They always send me to the broom closet. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. All they ever talk to me about is screws always getting knocked loose. And I swear to Christ, this old place is damn near fallin’ down in most places. When I decide to take my lunch break, I’ll often talk to