Is New Zealand a Green and Clean Country? Essay

Is New Zealand a Green and Clean Country? Essay

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New Zealand does not deserve its clean green reputation. Kiwis are advertising their country as one of the cleanest and greenest places in the world but this is not true, we have ruined the wand and its native wildlife. We are on our way to recovery but are still a long way off.
Most New Zealanders and travel agencies are selling New Zealand as a place with no environmental flaws and perfect wildlife. Travel agencies and web sites overestimate the New Zealand environment to drive tourist into the country. They do this by lying to the tourists and only showing the very best of New Zealand and say the whole country is just as pristine. said: “The country is blessed with stunning scenery that changes every few kilometres from rolling green hills to dense bush, crystal clear lakes, towering mountain tops and pristine sandy beaches.” even said; “It’s all here, no wonder New Zealand is becoming such a popular location for movies.” From these quotes you can see that the New Zealand reputation around the world is pristine, clean and green. I think this makes a bi...

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