Is Literacy A Good Education? Essay

Is Literacy A Good Education? Essay

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In life we encounter many things that can withhold someone from obtain a good education, but in the society we live in today were are giving the tools to make sure the things that withhold us from accomplishing our goal does not hold us completely back. In the education system we live in today we are exposed to so many different types of resources and we can use those tools now to carry our future even farther. Professor Deborah Brandt defines literacy sponsors as “agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy—and gain advantage by it in some way. Professor Deborah Brandt definition of literacy sponsor can also be defined as a form of transportation the help someone get to their educational goal . There are many forms of education we can take to future become educated, there can be specific person , institution , moment ,circumstance, or community in your life that affected you view literacies,. In my life I was directly influenced by a specific person and the institution and that helped me obtain the literacy level that I have today.The First Grade was were I would first meet my first literacy sponsors and she would be a specific person named Ms.Heck and I would also used what she learned me and be influenced heavily by another literacy sponsor which was a institution.In life we can take different paths to secure a goal but to acquire that goal you need literacy sponsors and discourse community in order to help you because without the tool the path to your goal becomes extremely harder so it is always nice knowing that you have those resource in your lifetime to help you get to those points in your life.
I started my educ...

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...lementary school I was able to put all the piece together and able to build upon what I learned in my other classes.If it was for the extended day program and Ms. Heck I would have an understanding of most of the material in most of my classes . So you can say that the relationship I had with Ms.Heck which was my specific person and the extended day program which was my institution could be related to basketball. Ms Heck is like the first coach I ever had and that coach taught me how to dribble the ball, pass the ball , and shoot the ball which are the basic fundamentals to basketball, and later on in my basketball career I began to play AAU basketball which was like a institution which helped me become a better basketball player . I used the fundamentals that i learned when I was small and late played in a institution where I used my fundamentals to become better

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