Is Jennifer A New Doctor? Essay

Is Jennifer A New Doctor? Essay

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Jennifer is a 27-year-old woman who recently started working as a 3rd-grade teacher in a private school. Since she changed schools, she also had to switch to another insurance company. The new school she works at provides their employees with HMO insurance, which means she must see doctors who are covered under her new plan. The general practitioner she went to before does not accept her new health insurance so she’s in need of a new doctor. For over a week, she has had a horrible cough and a sore throat so she would like to get checked to make sure everything is okay. She found a doctor that she is able to go to who was recommended to her by a trusted coworker/friend with the same insurance. She called the office and spoke with a lovely receptionist who told her she could come in the next day to see the doctor.
When she walks into the waiting room the receptionist at the front desk smiles and says hello to Jennifer. She was warm and inviting, which made Jennifer feel comfortable even though she had never been there before. She is only in the waiting room for 10 minutes before she is called in to see the doctor. After sitting in the room for another 10 minutes, a female doctor comes in and greets Jennifer with a smile and a handshake. Right away she felt at ease by her friendly and calming demeanor.
The doctor starts to ask Jennifer questions about how she has been feeling while she checks her throat and listens to her chest. She also allowed Jennifer the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns that she may have regarding her health. There was never a point where Jennifer felt as if the doctor was rushing her or cutting her off while she was asking her questions. The doctor took her time to truly listen to what Jennife...

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...a result, a patient who has a doctor that they feel is invested in improving their well-being will feel at ease and have less stress during their hospital stay, resulting in a more positive experience.
One way to make a hospital stay positive for Jennifer if she were a child would be for her parents to take the time to talk to her about what she can expect from her hospitalization. For people, in general, being prepared is one way to reduce stress and this strategy can be applied to children also. For example, Jennifer should be aware of how long her hospital stay is going to be, how often she will get visits from her parents and what type of procedure or tests she can expect to have. Making sure she is prepared and giving her as much information as possible has been shown to reduce anxiety and would help her feel at ease while in the hospital (Taylor, 2015 p.181).

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