Essay about Is it Watching Television Beneficial Nowadays?

Essay about Is it Watching Television Beneficial Nowadays?

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For the last couple of centuries each generation had their won media that affects their thinking. Books, newspapers and magazines were the first type of media from the late 15th century. Magnetic tapes, cassettes and CDs followed that in the late 19th century. Then, people had the Cinema, the radio and finally we end up with the Television from the 50’s until this moment. Television had it all. This means that TV is producing all of the kinds of media that were in the form of CDs, gramophone records and cassettes etc. Back in the old days, the TV was just for the purpose of entertainment and news without any involvement in any ideologies. Furthermore, TV nowadays is the main source of societies’ entertainment and education sometimes. Nonetheless, with capitalism everything has changed. The most important change was the way that enterprises and governments lead it. Suddenly, huge campaigns started to emerge more than TV’s programs. A campaign could be for products or government issues to draw the public minds to it. Thus, of course, more and more people starts realizing that TV is not the only way to enhance their lives. Thus, nowadays, watching Television is not beneficial for the long time run because it is providing its audiences mostly with everything that would change nothing or mislead their lives.
Anything that is not benefiting its audiences is not worth spending time on. Most media specialists would agree that there is a relationship between the audiences’ interests and the media products. This defines the system of today’s media that is based on politically entertainment package. It should be a well-known fact that if something is set up to have the population think in a particular way, then it should be worth the time...

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... huge enterprise. Nonetheless, Johnson (2005) argues “But another kind of televised intelligence is on the raise.” He suggests that watching TV would make the people smarter in the long time run. This means that Johnson agree that certain TV stations would change people opinions and thought. Stevens (2005) as a response insisted, “It’s really good at teaching you to think…about the future episode…”. Thus, Stevens support the point that TV channels nowadays are benefiting a particular party, which makes watching an unworthy thing to spend your time on.
To sum up, as long as the TV industry seeks its own interest watching won’t be beneficial. The influence of politics policies and companies commercials is turning the television to a machine that make the public think in a particular way or convincing them to buy products that is either not needed or dangerous to use.

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