Is Civility Important For The Work Place? Essay

Is Civility Important For The Work Place? Essay

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Is Civility important in the work place?
The society changes through every age and every generation, and civility changes also. Even though, people still like to live with a society of civility in their life, their work place or for their children us lives. Civility in the work place is important. The article “Does Civility Pay?” published in 2015. In the journal “ Organizational Dynamic”, the journal talks about strategic management. This shows research that can help us understand the behavior in business. The article is about how incivility and civility affect the business work place. Civility can help people to succeed and incivility makes people painful in their relationship between worker, and in their career. In addition, genre of the article is the research review article. Christine L. Porath is the professor of business school, Georgetown University, Washington DC, United States. Alexander earned her Ph.D. at Stanford University in Sociology and has an undergraduate degree in History from Duke University. Both Christine and Alexander are the authors of the reviews research article “Does Civility Pay?” That article is persuasive for students and for business people, in particular for those in management. The claim is that Civility has an important role in the work place, especially in a group of people or with their co-worker. For persuasion, it has three kinds of appeal “logos, ethos, and pathos”. In the article the authors gave us a lot of them to explain how civility works in the business work places and how incivility effects people in the short and long term run. However, I will analyze logos, and ethos in the article.
First, I will talk about ethos. Ethos is what the speaker, author build “credibility” and “trustworth...

... middle of paper ...

...pinions of everyone else. Therefore, people do not talk with him and they are step away from him. When he knows, it is too late. He fails his project and step back one step from his career. That is what incivility is pay, when the time they know; it is also the time they need to pay with their impolite.
This article makes me think the work place must have civility because the authors use persuasive appeals in their research reviews article. First, ethos make me trust them, make me think everything, they said is true. Next, logos is the reason why we must respectful in the workplace. That is the explanations of the authors want us to understand the important of polite. I think use the persuasive make the article stronger than another article because it has a reason why we should believe or not. The readers can easy make their option whether they agree or disagree.

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