Is Building A Super Telescope Desert? Essay

Is Building A Super Telescope Desert? Essay

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Every year the governments across the world that can afford to spare change for the space program often do so by sparing more than just change. They spare billions of dollars towards projects and missions that explore the universe in search of intelligent life or any life that can be found. Every single enterprise that considers exploring for life in the universe takes scrupulous amounts of time to plan has a large price tag. The extensive efforts that is required to execute one of these projects does not seem to deter the scientific community involved in finding out more about the universe and if life exists out there.

Will we find life in the universe in the next 100 years?

Recently a group of scientists in America have created a collaboration of ten universities and research centers to come together for the purpose of building a super telescope that will be located in Las Campanas Observatory on top of a flattened mountain in Chile 's Atacama Desert. The location was chosen due to its positive aspects such as no light pollution and clear weather for about 300 days/year. This super telescope which is currently under construction will be called Giant Magellan Telescope or GMT for short. It will be a decade before it is fully functional and will carry a price tag of $1 billion American and a yearly cost of $36 Million operational expense. It will be a very sophisticated machine that is far ahead of anything operational now and will help scientists see to see the faintest and most distant objects in the universe such as discovering signs of oxygen or learning about dark matter and answer questions about the first stars, like when and how they might have formed. This innovation of the scientists, the ingenuity in manufacturing, ...

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..., both in the ice caps and in the glaciers at the equator under layers of toxic dust and debris. No one has learned about any form of liquid water, either beneath or above the surface. By collecting samples of soil, some missions have searched for microbes in the dusty surface of Mars by adding water and other nutrients and measuring the gas output. These experiments have yet to be successful.

Jupiter and Saturn both have more than 60 moons which are subject to ongoing experiments and investigation as some of them have shown to be host of environments where life can be sustained. The planets themselves are far too cold to ever sustain any life whatsoever but their moons could be different case.

The rough surface and icy surface has turned out to be tricky.

Another incident that has been proven to tricky in the beginning involves a moon of the Saturn.

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