Is Acupuncture Effective For Curing Pain? Essay

Is Acupuncture Effective For Curing Pain? Essay

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Is acupuncture pseudoscience?

Acupuncture is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine, its usually used as an alternative treatment in the international medical field. Long, thin spines are put in the surface of skin on specific points to make the Qi flow free. It is organized to be a diagnosis and treatment in The Yellow Emperor 's Classic of Internal Medicine from 100 BC. In the twentieth century, it began to spread in European and gradually used by patients when western medical treatments do not work. Some people believe that the acupuncture is effective for curing pain. According to balanced yin yang and promoted blood recycling. However, some other people have a different argument that acupuncture is a pseudoscience. It is due to that there is not enough evidence to confirm it due to most acupuncture plays the placebo effect in treatment. Mental power also plays an irreplaceable role in the results, since people are appealing to believe that the existence of acupoints, Qi and meridian. Now, whether acupuncture is pseudoscience or not has become a debatable argument.
People believe that acupuncture plays an irreplaceable role in alternatives. James Reston, a famous reporter from New York, travelled to china and got his appendix removed in China. He felt uncomfortable after the surgery (Ingraham 2016). The doctor encouraged acupuncture and it turned out his discomfort relived tremendously. it’s the start for the popularity of acupuncture in America. Around 26% of retired soldiers suffer from chronic pain, and it costs 560 billion for taxers’ money. In order to relief pain and decrease money cost, acupuncture is used by American army. More than 83.7% soldiers report that their chronic pain c...

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...if they knew there is no decent and supporting evidence. Human nature has it that they have the tendency to be fooled by coincidental correlation that can be misleading and surprisingly strong. Acupuncturists tend to use the technique of acupuncture to claim that they can cure a wide range of disease because they think most of the disease comes form the imbalance of energy. However, they fail to realize that they overgeneralize the causes of the disease, which can be very dangerous since patients would not seek the scientific way of curing the disease; instead, they will rely on acupuncture until they realize it is too late to be cured.

In conclusion, acupuncture might not be harmful, however, the absence of supporting evidence itself and the fallacies acupuncture fall for prove that acupuncture is pseudoscience and it could lead to potential problems of patients.

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