Persuasive Essay On Alternative Medicine

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Medicine plays an eminent role in healing and treating illnesses and dates back to ancient times where people would use herbs, oils, massage, and other natural means to heal their sicknesses. Medicine has evolved and pills, vaccines, and conventional forms of cancer treatment, are common within the medical industry. Now, the medical industry relies heavily on pharmaceutical drugs to treat their patients’ illnesses and diseases, but many of the drugs cause a great number of side effects and can even do more harm than good. This has sparked my interest in finding ways to cure illnesses with an alternative to conventional medicine without the harmful side effects. Realizing I am in my late teens, and I am free to change my mind, the professional…show more content…
This motivates me to study and practice alternative medicine which has a different approach to healing than conventional medicine. Alternative medicine uses treatments such as herbalism, massage therapy, acupuncture, and exercise, in order to give the body a chance to heal itself. Alternative Medicine uses natural forms of treatment in order to aid the body to become successful in healing itself. Forms of Alternative Medicine can relieve pain, stress, prevent and treat illnesses and have the potential to heal and cure sicknesses and disease. I know that people are suffering and losing their lives to varies forms of diseases and cancers and many of them result to receiving conventional medical treatments but, find that the medications seem to be harsh to their bodies and too expensive. My goal is to help those searching for an alternative that would have less side effects and be more affordable. I decided to go into this field of medicine because I want to provide medicine that would not only treat the symptoms of illness and disease but actually cure the problem and allow people to live a healthier…show more content…
Attending medical school will give me the opportunity to learn more about forms of Alternative medicine including naturopathic and holistic medicine and massage therapy. I plan to shadow massage therapists and acupuncturists in order to gain more experience with treatments that relieve stress, pain, and positively impacts the health of patients. Upon completing medical school, I aspire to work under medical professionals who practice forms of alternative medicine in order to gain experience. Later, I aspire to open up my own facility where I am studying each of my patients’ unique illness, disease, or cancer; I will work to find the cause of diseases and illnesses and prescribe natural substances and treatments to not only treat the symptoms of the illnesses but cure the root of the problem. I will also work to use natural substances that could be implemented into my patients’ diet to treat or aid in curing their illnesses. Lastly, I know that conventional medicine could be expensive and there are people who cannot afford to continuously pay for pills, forms of treatment, and doctor visits, so I would work to provide top-notch inexpensive treatment. Alternative medicine gives me hope for those who are suffering from sicknesses and diseases. I one-day plan to be successful at healing and saving the lives of those who suffer from illnesses and diseases without the reliance on
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