The Is A Teacher Or Daycare Assistant? Essay

The Is A Teacher Or Daycare Assistant? Essay

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The more education a teacher or daycare assistant has, the more they can help the children. It is nice to know that the teachers or assistants are spending enough time preparing for a child. Child Care Aware states that of the children who arrive at school without the skills needed to succeed, more than 85 percent of them are still behind in fourth grade. Daycare centers help with this problem. This is why daycare centers have requirements such as these to ready a child for school. These requirements will help lower that percentage of non-ready fourth graders.
Time spent in child care is strongly linked to childrens ' social–behavioral development. Maternal sensitivity is a huge factor in predicting social and behavioral development. Children who spend more hours away from their mother experience lower levels of sensitivity (Erickson). Children who possess low sensitivity therefore, have negative peer interactions, emotions, and social behaviors (Erickson). At some point, every child is going to be separated from his/her mother. Stay-at-home moms make it harder for children to have social interactions with other children before they go on to start school. Daycare centers help bring that social and emotional factor to kids. Children are finding how to develop their personalities and that is one of the most important roles daycare can play a part in.
Parents could say that it is easy for their children to get sick in a daycare center and by that fact it is not pushing them in the right direction. The truth is, all children are susceptible to sickness in any child care center. Parents think that keeping children out of daycare will keep them from getting sick. Children five years and younger are at greater risk for food-borne ill...

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...e centers keep open till most jobs are done, around the time of six o 'clock.
The debate on what childcare is the best childcare will be never ending. There are both pros and cons of both sides. Overall daycare centers are the right choice for a child. With new education and technology children are becoming more advanced. These tighter guidelines provide structure for a developing child, pushing them in the right direction. Their social, emotional, and educational development will be better than a child who did not attend any childcare, while a daycare center would be the most beneficial. Parents can argue against daycare centers and go with home facilities or no child care at all, but that would not be benefitting their child as much as they could be. Cost is always an issue with child care but there is always a way to give a child the best education they deserve.

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