Introduction and Overview of Infosys Essay

Introduction and Overview of Infosys Essay

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Introduction and Overview of Infosys.
Infosys was founded in 1981 by Narayana Murthy and his six colleagues, they shared a vision of providing “a fair deal to the stakeholders: shareholders, employees and customers alike” (Evans & Barsoux, 2002, p.61). Infosys’ vision was to regain the top position for the Best Employee and Best Performer Company by 2007 (Delong, 2006). The head of HR leadership Hema Ravichander recognized that Infosys had some HR problems: From 1981-1991, Infosys had only one client and the organization was almost dissolved because of the bureaucratic and regulated Indian environment. Murthy was able to save the organization by energizing the rest of the co-founders (Delong, 2006). In 1991, Infosys shifted its focus from “Body-Shopping to Off -shoring” (Delong, 2006, p.4) at the same time India was facing economic liberalization. Infosys introduced off- shore development Center known as ODC and also introduced Global Delivery Model (GDM) which is a project management system. GDM afforded the organization to divide each project into components that was executed “independently and concurrently” at client site from remotely development centers.
Moving up the IT Chain
The organization traditionally concentrated on the lower end of IT value chain from 2000-2004, this shifted to higher value IT services in order to obtain the competitive advantage. Value chain offers organizations ways to improve value to its customers; it can also be defined as generic strategies of differentiation and cost leadership (O’Connell, 2010).
Infosys through GDM moved up the value by offering process innovation on its value chain, it takes the work, project or job to the p...

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...rovide a road map, direction and focus, establish measures, set priorities and encouraged innovation and change in a country where change is most difficult (Zuckerman, 2005).

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