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The aim of the value chain structure is to maximize the value creation while minimizing costs. Value Chain Analysis is a useful tool for working out how you can create the greatest possible value for your customers. Value chain analysis relies on the rudimentary economic principle of competitive advantage -companies are best served by operating in divisions where they have a relative prolific benefit compared to their competitors. Concomitantly, companies should ask themselves where they can deliver the paramount value to their customer. To conduct a value chain analysis, the company begins by identifying each part of its production process and recognizing where steps can be purged or enhancements can be made. These improvements can result …show more content…

It helps in increasing the value generated by your business at the various steps in the value chain by providing the business model specific to your manufacturing needs and operational approach as well as accelerating the plan of the business practices. Our Value Chain Services offer a widespread assortment of results designed to develop your company’s potential to accomplish amplified service levels, market share and profitability. IBM compares its competitor’s processes; organization and technology against an integrated end-to-end, business model to identify gaps and opportunities.IBM use a prioritization tool to create a strategic transformation blueprint that highlight projects with the greatest potential return on …show more content…

2) IBM Human Resource Management is associated with recruiting, training, motivating and rewarding the skilled workforce of the company because Human resources are increasingly becoming an important way of attaining sustainable competitive advantage and technology development, IBM is highly interested in investing in the field of technological innovation, training and knowledge that is vital for most companies today in order to endure. 3) IBM’s Firm Infrastructure -This includes planning and control systems, such as finance, accounting, and corporate strategy

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