Interview with an Engineer Specialist Essay

Interview with an Engineer Specialist Essay

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Interview with an Engineer Specialist

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the profession I hope to be working for in the near future. My task for this assignment was to find an engineer who has a degree in Aerospace Engineering, which is the degree that I am pursuing. I had to set up an appropriate setting for an interview with that engineer. I also had to arrange interview questions which consists of their career information’s, requirement skills, and advices that would help me get prepare to work in the field of Aerospace Engineering. I found Gonzalo Mendoza who is an Engineer Specialist in Aero sciences for CESSNA Aircraft Company. Mr. Mendoza graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Aerospace Engineering at San José State University (SJSU) in the Spring of 1997. I chose to interview Mr. Mendoza because other than his position at CESSNA, he was a student at SJSU which is beneficial for me because it would be the best time to ask some advice with senior project designs as well as getting some feedback on courses that are relevant to his job. The interview took place at E-114C at SJSU on Friday February 24, 2012. Prior to the interview, I reminded Mr. Mendoza that he does not need to answer questions with information’s that are confidential. The following questions and answers were recorded during the interview.
Castillo: What is your job in this company?

Mr. Mendoza: I am an Engineer Specialist at CESSNA. I am more in the Aero Sciences department. We focus on aerodynamics, stability and control, and computational aerodynamics. We also develop flight simulators and business jets.

Castillo: What is the most important skills/requirements to be in that position?

Mr. Mendoza: There are two basic skill...

... middle of paper ...

...experience of interviewing an Engineer Specialist is one of the experiences that I will never forget because I have learned many things from the interview. I can apply what I learned into the working field and I also have an idea of what is like to be working in the Aerospace field. I was also introduced to some senior project designs that I can be a part of. There were some unexpected things that I acquired during the interview. I did not expect the interview to last over an hour. I develop questions to ask during the interview and not just staying on the prepared questions. I also did not expect how decisions for the company can have a direct impact to the products. This interview was helpful and informative. I would recommend anyone to interview someone with experience in the field that they are pursuing because the benefit will come very handy in the future.

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