Interview With a Human Resources Manger Essay

Interview With a Human Resources Manger Essay

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I have taken an interview of the Human Resources Manager Mr. John Smith of a respected University. I asked him to come for a coffee at Starbucks coffee shop. He did not refuse me and came at time. First, I shared my course content and whatever I knew about course and career. I started with explaining many things regarding human resource management, as he is the most competent Human Resources Manager in my eyes. I started by describing about what our College is teaching about Human Resource Management.

A. Thesis Statement
Reflection, research, and mentorship help to embrace truth for our benefit, which helps to become individuals that are more authentic. An effective leader knows his or her own strengths and weaknesses, passions and obligations, and is always learning better to manage his or her own emotions, faults, and challenges.
II. Discussion
With that interview, I have learnt a lot of leadership styles and motivational theories, which I studied in my University lectures from Mr. John. This paper is the reflection of what I learnt from him.
A. Effective Leadership
The leadership is a result of a combination of traits, with special emphasis on the personal qualities of the leader, which he should possess certain personality traits that would be special facilitators in leadership performance. This theory shows that leaders are born as such, there is no likelihood of 'making' them later with personal development techniques.
The vision of leadership that leaders are born made, and not learn to be leaders is still considered but not popular among researchers (Avolio et al, 2013).
1. Traits
The trait theory prevailed until the forties, passing these characteristics to be studied within a universalistic perspective....

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Interview With a Human Resources Manger Essay

- I have taken an interview of the Human Resources Manager Mr. John Smith of a respected University. I asked him to come for a coffee at Starbucks coffee shop. He did not refuse me and came at time. First, I shared my course content and whatever I knew about course and career. I started with explaining many things regarding human resource management, as he is the most competent Human Resources Manager in my eyes. I started by describing about what our College is teaching about Human Resource Management....   [tags: Interview Essay]

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