Essay on Interview Questions On How Long Have You Worked At This Company?

Essay on Interview Questions On How Long Have You Worked At This Company?

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Interview Questions

1. Name and Title: Barbara Obiedzinski, Office Manager
2. Name of Company: Philip J. Obiedzinski DPM PA
3. How long have you worked in this field?: 33 years
4. How long have you worked at this company?: 33 years
5. What were your steps to getting this position? (Previous experience): I previously worked in the insurance industry and when my husband went into practice it was obvious that I could be of help to him. I also love technology and started the office with electronic billing years ago. It made our work load easier.
6. What kinds of education, training, or skills are necessary for this position? (Please be specific): I worked with an insurance company that supplied insurance to Attorneys in NJ & Civil service employees so I had the knowledge. It requires a lot of reading and seminars and keeping up with the newest products. It now requires coding knowledge for ICD10. I learned mostly by reading, but did have some podcasts and tutorials to watch. We are a specialist so coding was not as difficult for our field.
7. What is the starting salary range for this position?: Salary varies $20.00 to start but when you get up into the electronic records and all the new laws $28.00, depending on the size of the office.
8. What’s a typical day like? (Please be specific): I start out making sure that all the employees know if there are any changes in any rules. Make sure all prescriptions are taken care of, records are faxed out to doctor’s offices. I then sort through all the mail a distribute it to all parties. I then check emails from insurance companies and check websites for any changes in rules and regulations. My job requires that I am up to date on all coding changes and electronic billing procedures. So...

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... the first 1 years after that we allow 2 weeks’ vacation and after 5 years 3 weeks’ vacation. Front desk people burn out the fastest because they are the first person that patients see and get the brunt of the upset. My job is to make sure they are not left alone to deal with the upset.
17. In your opinion, is this a fulfilling career?: I take pride in my office. We are not a large group. People enjoy knowing that they see the doctor and not a physician’s assistant. We greet people with a smile and try to make them feel special in our office. I enjoy a challenge and insurance and technology provide that to me every day. I take pride at the end of the day if we have a smooth day. Every day is different and always some surprises. I happen to have 2 employees that are very dedicated to our office. We have a great working relationship and the office flows nicely.

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