The Internet : How It Affects Us Essay

The Internet : How It Affects Us Essay

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The Internet: How It Affects Us
The way in which our minds work has been significantly altered by the internet in numerous ways. Use of the book is declining and our ability to focus has been degraded. Our thoughts have become scattered and unorganized. Moreover, reading long or difficult text is now a challenge for many people. Actually writing comprehensive text can literally be exhausting and for many, nearly impossible. Our lives have been altered significantly by the internet.
When we are using the internet, our mind is not as involved as it would if we were reading a book. In her article, “Staying Awake: Notes on The Alleged Decline of Reading” Ursula K. Le Guin, suggests that books engage our minds in ways that the internet does not. When reading a book we are constantly involved and have to think about what we are doing. To comprehend what we are reading in a book, we must read through every page thoroughly. When using the internet we jump from link to link gathering bits of information from each. We simply skim through large chunks of information, not taking in all of the details. The internet has caused our minds to become shallow and to not retain information for long periods of time.
Our constant use of the internet has, in a sense, caused our minds to become ‘lazy’. We no longer need to go through the process of finding books on the topic we need and then reading through the books to find information; we only need to search the internet and instantly receive virtually endless sources. This way of obtaining information is harmful to our learning process. Because we can go back and look at the information any time we want, we do not take the time to memorize it. We have no reason or motivation to actually open up a b...

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...ebpages and search engines. Carr says that “the more links we click pages we view the more” you reveal about you and your browsing tendencies. None of your activity on the internet is discreet and the more you browse the more opportunities companies have to gather data about you. We can delete our history as much as we like, but everywhere we go on the internet leaves behind a trail of data. And even if you hide your browsing from your browser, individual web pages are able to track when you have visited them. The web has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for both legit and illicit companies alike. Companies can now decipher from your browsing tendencies which products to market to you and which sites you would most likely frequent.

CONCLUSION: Use of the internet has become increasingly widespread and has completely changed the way we think.

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