Essay on Internet: A Source of Surveillance

Essay on Internet: A Source of Surveillance

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This essay will show that rather than the Internet being a guarantor of liberty it is more an intrusive source of surveillance. Mobbs (2003) defined internet surveillance as monitoring the everyday activities and communications of individual’s. Deibert, Rohozinski (2007) explained liberty as personal freedoms, being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on personal behavior or political views.
According to Giddens (2009) while the Internet is a source of "stunning technology", not only used for shopping or as an educational tool, the Internet also enables communications across the globe opening up new friendships in the new world of cyberspace, where people from all over the world can converse and learn about different cultures, cities and towns that they may never reach in person.

Sharman (2012) stated, Internet shopping is on the increase globally, because it is convenient and frees up personal time. Many sites have price comparisons, which enables people to shop around in the comfort of their own home. With the added attraction of being able to research and review both the retailer and the item in which they wish to purchase. With a belief, that the payment methods, are secure, when purchasing from reputable online retailers. Flexibility within Internet shopping ensures liberty. However, there are many dangers to shopping online. According to Mukerji (2013), on purchasing items many websites will ask for personal details, some details required may not be necessary and can be an endeavoure to acquire the identity of the purchaser. Moreover, Identity fraud can have a direct impact on personal liberty, affecting credit ratings and inhibiting the possibility of gaining credit in the futu...

... middle of paper ... , open University press, Buckingham.
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