Modern Society in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley illustrates what is actually happening in modern society. The novel is a satire of a totalitarian government and although it is fantasy, there are early traces of it occurring in modern day. It is hard to imagine a government that is solely based on the ideals of the people when there is an elected government body who makes decisions. The government’s goal is to have stability and prosperity and that, at times, is accomplished at the expense of the individuals who are governed. Accordingly, there is danger in having an all-powerful state because personal freedoms are lost. More so, there is power in having knowledge that others do not possess because it is a gateway for the government to control the public if scientific and technological advances are been made. As mentioned before, governments prosper when there is stability and commodification is way of the government achieving that although it does alter human behavior. On the other hand, some would argue that modern society is based on democracy and a controlled state as depicted in Brave New World is impossible to occur but there are indicators in society today that serve as a resemblance. Brave New World emphasizes that the dangers of an all-powerful state, power of knowledge, and commodification are detrimental to modern society.
Present day, it is seen that the government is having more control over the country which in effect, poses a danger to the people. They lose their individuality in response to the country aiming to be all-powerful and stable. In today’s society, the government has everyone under surveillance through the internet, cell phones, and even vehicles. Many would argue that it is an act against the privacy of the people a...

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...ernment parallels Brave New World by posing a danger being powerful, having power through knowledge, and emphasizing commodification. By comparing the World State in Brave New World and our modern society, we should be concerned that the ideals of democracy are not truly reflected when we are under watch by the government, are obscured from the truth, and healthcare insurance is being forced upon us. The government is posing a threat to our role in the government by being powerful. Comparing Brave New World to our own modern society is important because it raises question of how our society could be become if we continue to let the government control our live. As citizens who are eligible to vote, we should question our political leaders, think of the direction our country can take and take the opportunity to have our voice heard by participating in elections.
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