International Transportation for a Global Economy

International Transportation for a Global Economy

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In a global economy, no nation is independently sufficient and is an intricate part of the different phases when originating trade or sell of product within the country. States must secure what it takes to produce more efficiently than their trade partners do to survive in the competition.
The growth of freight being transported, as well as the variety of origins and destinations, promotes the importance of international transportation as a fundamentally sound global economy. Since the development of international transportation, and the distances involved, has created a greater demand for the maritime transport industry, port activities, rail transit, and motor transport.
The international transportation systems have been under increased scrutiny, to support additional requirements concerned with the freight volume and distance in which the shipment is being carried. Technical improvements permitting larger quantities, has become more efficient. The containerization of material has subsidized the environment of the freight movement. Containers and the intermodal transport systems improve the effectiveness of global transportation.
Transportation is believed to be an enabling factor, but not necessarily the cause of international trade. However, international trade also necessitates a dissemination groundwork that can defend the trade between numerous partners. There are elements of the international trade that must adhere to in order for to substantiate trade measures to be accomplished. These components will promote either efficacies or insufficiencies of the transportation groundwork. Nonetheless, the transportation infrastructure can encourage or hinder the possibilities of international trade.
Approximately, one-half of the international trade takes place in the maritime, and disseminates 90% of tonnage in international trade. Global maritime transportation is mainly composed of containerized shipments, which opens the gateway of many production regions. Between each gateway there are nucleuses performing an interconnection between the various systems of maritime movement.
Airports and air transportation are known to carry approximately 15% of the total volume of material being transported. The primary merchandise carried on air transportation is electronics, resulting in the value of each shipment being 70 times higher than maritime shipments and 30 percent higher than other transportation modes, states Rodrique. Airports are often located within regions heavy in technology manufactures that are in close proximately.
In Europe, the transport policy primarily focuses on building a more robust transport system that will increase movement, remove major obstructions, and improve the use of fossil fuel and employment infrastructures.

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The EU is also working on dramatically reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce carbon emissions from transports by 60 percent. Transportation within the EU accounts for 30% of the total energy consumption and 71% of the total oil consumed in the EU. The roadway travel accounts for 60% of the total oil consumption. Europe will be the largest promoter in encouraging decision makers to tackle congestion, pollution, and accidents with pioneering actions.
North America’s roadway is of varying quality, and is composed of a divided highway or multiple lanes throughout the nation. Nonetheless, North America relies heavily on the roadway for transporting goods. However, the rail system is still being utilized, but not at the extent as we vision in the EU. The rail systems throughout North America are privately owned and have many time restraints, whereas, the EU rail systems are country regulated, passenger friendly, however, does not allow for much flexibility.
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