International Education Problem That Affects Chinese Students Essay

International Education Problem That Affects Chinese Students Essay

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The topic of this study is concerning international education problem that affects Chinese students in two schools in Beijing and Wuhan, China, who study in international test preparation programs, in preparation for their university abroad. The proposed topic of this qualitative study is that Chinese students have a higher than average failure rate in their international university studies in America and Great Britain. International test preparation programs need to include cultural and academic adaption courses for Chinese students who plan to study in American or British universities to increase successful completion of their university programs abroad.
Research has shown that cultural and academic differences that international students face in western-style learning environments are significant causes of stress, which leads to failure of their university course of study (Ang, et al., 2009; Suldo, et al., 2009). There are no courses concerning cultural and academic adaptation training in the international programs in Beijing and Wuhan, China that could deal with the problems students will face, after starting university abroad. This lack of cultural and academic adaptation training gives the strong impression that the international test preparation programs in Beijing and Wuhan, China have no interest in training students for anything past the point of their entrance exams.
The challenge before Chinese international students studying in America and Britain is huge with the foreign language and the cultural and academic dissimilarities from their own culture. Without training in their high school international programs before graduating and studying abroad, the difficulties are greatly exacerbated (Huang, 2009). The interview...

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...inning their studies abroad.
In this same area about cultural adaptation in international university studies, Zhang & Xu (2007) wrote about that it is crucial that Chinese high school children who are working toward higher education overseas be trained in advance for necessary adaptation to another culture and study style, such as America or Great Britain. The writers pointed out that one of the biggest reasons why Chinese and other Asian nations’ students simply surrender and repatriate. Zhang & Xu (2007) called attention to the great mistake of sending a high school graduate to another country without suitable preparation that goes far beyond merely passing a TOEFL or SAT exam.
One of the keys to reducing the excessive failure rate of Chinese students in American and British universities is to make sure that Chinese student have the best possible teachers at home.

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