The International Student Experience

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Students Engagement is conspicuously investigated by many authors since mid-1980s when Astin (1984) worked on student involvement. Then the topic has attracted many authors eg. Chickering and Gamson, (1987), Maher and Tinto (1992), Kuh and Vesper, (1997), etc... as it seems that engaging students with the course is one of the key factors of successful learning and teaching in higher education.

Stefani (2008) defines student’s engagement based on previous research as the efforts including time and energy that the students make improve their learning in the University. This definition is expanded by Krause (2006) to include more assumptions related to students’ understanding of engagement. The author points out that ‘engagement’ means different things to different students as it is not only including the level of motivation. Issues related to students’ understanding of higher education are covered by Haggis (2006).

A contrastive analysis between engagement and alienation is covered by Mann (2001) as the author points out that this framework of analysis is much useful to understand students’ relationship to their learning.

Barnettes’ (2005) view about engagement is to focus on the curriculum design as he defines two dimensions of engagement including how the students experience the university and how the curriculum is designed to engage the students.

Coates (2007) describes engagement as a general concept that includes both academic and non academic aspects of the student experience. That is including facets eg. (Active and cooperative learning, Participation and involvement, Contact with academic staff, feeling of support by the university learning communities) that form the basis of the National Survey of Student...

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