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For centuries researchers have been trying to figure out if and how age relates to crime; and what happens to turn our youth into killers at early ages. Multiple studies have been done and many theories have evolved. One particular story of interest is the story of Alex and Derek King. Alex and Derek King were two teens whose early life at home was somewhat troubled. They were neglected by their mother whom worked at a strip club as a dancer and waitress. Their father Terry, worked odd jobs to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs but it was never enough money. For a while Alex and Derek would live with different relatives then eventually they were placed in foster homes. After being in foster homes, the boys were both returned to their father. Their father, being a single parent, kept the boys close to him, even taking them to work with him because he couldn’t afford daycare. The home they lived in was without power or a phone and the boys were not allowed to hang out with friends.
In the year 2000, Alex and Derek’s father meet and befriended Ricky Chavis, who allowed their father to use his yard and tools to fix on his car. Chavis, who had recent convictions of burglary and charges of sexual misconduct with minors, quickly befriended Alex. It was believed that Alex and Chavis’s relationship came to be one of a forbidden sense. Family members and others believed that Chavis began turning Alex against his father for his own benefit. The boys even ran away from home and lived with Chavis for a while. During their stay, they were allowed to smoke, play video games and skip school.
In 2001, Alex, who was 12 convinced his 13 year old brother Derek to beat his father’s head in with a bat, killing him and then setting the ho...

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...s in their lives things happened that made them commit such an unthinkable crime (Seigel, 2011). There is no doubt in my mind that those issues that Alex and Derek faced as adolescents played into their delinquency. Alex unlike Derek continued a life of criminal activities that led him back to prison. Derek transitioned from adolescent to adult and decided to change his life for the better.
In my conclusion, I feel that the things that we go through as adolescents can affect what we turn out to be in life. I also believe that what we learn from our parents can have a great impact on our future. We may make mistakes and have to do some prison time behind those mistakes, but it’s what we do when we get out that determines if we learned anything from our mistakes. Just because we start out at a young age being a criminal doesn’t mean that you can’t change your path.

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