Inside the Mind of a Criminal

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The environment a child is surrounded in is what develops a child’s perception into the mind of a criminal. The mind of a child is made purely of innocence until one is exposed to destructive developmental patterns. Children that have grown into the shoes of a criminal had been raised into a home with no control and where the environment creates vulnerability. Those who grow up into childhood with an unorganized lifestyle only want to possess the control and power that criminals contain. Children raised in this unstable environment develop a slow pace of skills adolescents learn earlier on (Shi and Nicol par.2). Juvenile sex offenders do not fully develop basic skills which makes it easier to be negatively pressured by society (par. 20). The first crime committed by an adolescent sex offender comes after the individual undergoes neglect, abuse, loss of love and basic care, and an unstable family structure (par. 3). That trauma of not being loved and cared for persuades the person that he/she will always be unloved and no one will care. Individuals that become criminals have had destructive patterns in past developmental stages making the individual violent. A child learns the difference between right or wrong within the lessons that the parents make, and if a child undergoes through experiences such as rape at such a young age by the child’s parents, the child will think the wrongdoing is right. A child’s painful past of traumatic events affects the individual’s future motives in what has undergone through childhood phases. Children who had been abused and neglected have a hard time trusting other people from the traumatic events the children had experienced (Shi and Nicol par. 8). The harsh memories never leave an indiv... ... middle of paper ... Expressions of Fear: Comparative Research with Criminal and Non-criminal Psychopaths."Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology 20.1 (2009): 66-73.Newspaper Source. Web. 25 May 2014. Kucharski, Thomas L., Joseph P. Toomey, Katarzna Fila, and Scott Duncan. "Detection of Malingering of Psychiatric Disorder With the Personality Assessment Inventory: An Investigation of Criminal Defendants." Journal of Personality Assessment 8.1 (2007): 25-32. PsycARTICLES. Web. 25 May 2014. Shi, Lin, and Jason Nicol. "Into the Mind of a Juvenile Sex Offender: A Clinical Analysis and Recommendation from an Attachment Perspective." The American Journal of Family Therapy 35.5 (2007): 395-402.PsycARTICLES. Web. 23 May 2014. Sullo, Michelle T., and Lauren Garrison. "Criminal Minds." 17 Oct. 2010: 2-8. Rpt. in New Haven Register (CT). N.p.: n.p., n.d. Newspaper Source. Web. 24 May 2014.

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