Deterrence Theory Essay

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Thesis Even though there are criminals who will weigh the risks of breaking the law and calculate the overall personal gain verse the consequences; the deterrence theory is believed to assist in cutting down on crime. Criminologists contend the certainty of fear of being caught committing a criminal act is enough to discourage violation of the law. Introduction This paper will discuss a peer reviewed article written based on observation and experience of two authors, concerning exactly how effective the deterrence theory is. Furthermore, the observation and evaluation by the authors, and why the study was conducted will be touched upon. In conclusion, how the authors were able to apply the deterrence theory to their empirical research while attempting to explain their personal observations will be analyzed. The Deterrence Theory and how Authors Depict Same Simply put, the deterrence theory is a belief that if the criminal justice system swiftly and undoubtedly…show more content…
Therefore the deterrence theory has no real value in keeping a child from breaking the law. Interestingly enough, what is more likely to keep youth from committing crimes is a positive self-esteem. When dealing with non-adults, deterrence of being caught along with certainty and swiftness of punishment is not a major contributing factor. “Recently, there has been renewed interest in the contribution of labeling theory to the study of delinquency. The basic assumption of the theory is that perceived negative societal reactions lead to the development of negative self-conceptions and greater delinquent involvement” (Adams, 2003, p. 171). Therefore, the study and testing by the authors of the attached peer reviewed article only strengthens the debate as to what actions the criminal justice system should take to prevent crimes from being
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