Interdepartmental Commuication is Essential Essays

Interdepartmental Commuication is Essential Essays

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Inefficient communication within the boundaries of the organisation has resulted in several departmental conflicts which affect the business entity as a whole. Internal communication plays a vital role in all the business entities and there is several evidence to support the statement. Organizations with efficient communication are flourishing and achieving their intended goals in a timely manner, while various other organisations fall short of optimum utilisation of their resource. Many other organisations are failing to succeed due to lack of information flow and improper communication channel (Hanna, 2005). Due to ineffective connection between employees within the structure of the business, it has resulted in conflicts between the departments and affects the organisation as a whole.

There are several reasons due to which interdepartmental communication is affected and affects the organisation and its ability to perform as whole. The main causes which can be considered are low team spirit, conflict between departmental managers, no incentives/rewards, cultural differences or lack of employee engagement programs whereas few organisation lack with good organisational values for sharing within an organisation. Perhaps as per (Clarke, 2009) constant incentives could develop a good team along with sharing knowledge and learning within an organisation. This can further be complimented by the idea of (Lam and Lambermont-Ford, 2010) who states that the top hierarchy of any organisation can boost information sharing by rewarding and in turn motivating the employee’s to share among each other. The organisation where the pressure for production is very high faces a setback as the employees do not bother to share the information consideri...

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... and knowledge should be accepted and changed into the organisational learning.

There are various ways for knowledge sharing and learning within an organisation includes building trust as it is a deliberate act of putting oneself in a vulnerable position to someone else. As (Renzl, 2008) states that ‘the fear of losing one’s unique value’ is an important part due to which trust lacks within an employee and the organisation. Trust can only be considered by believing as the same could not be measured. In addition to trust, another important factor is a social network which is also a key determinant as studies show that the process of sharing can be enhanced through interaction among the employee’s. As (Ma Kela et al, 2004) and (Hoe, 2006) states that knowledge sharing can be assumed as the informal and the formal exchange which happens through the social interaction.

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