Importance Of Interprofessional Communication

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Contemporary patient-centered care is requiring health care providers from different professions working collaboratively within interprofessional team to improve better patient outcomes. When members of multiple disciplines communicate well with each other based on mutual respect and value each other’s opinions, the whole team understand better, functioning better, and less chances to end up with negative patient health care. Research findings indicate interprofessional team approaches improve quality of patient-centred care (Buscemi, Steglitz, & Spring, 2012).
One of my clinic experiences can prove how important interprofessional communication is for optimal patient care. A new admission patient received on Friday in the afternoon on a heavy
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According to the National Competency Framework, there are six competencies domains integrated to achieve a collaborative approach to health care practice including interprofessional communication, patient- centred care, role clarification, team functioning, collaborative leadership, and interprofessional conflict resolution. Interprofessional communication is defined as effective communication with each other within health care team from different professions in a collaborative, responsive and responsible manner (Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative,…show more content…
This critical cognitive work has to cross boundaries which are established either from historical factor or current structure system. It is necessary to set up an interprofessional working system to prevent information breakdown in a fast-pacing patient care unit. Practice-based training will help nurses and other professionals to realize the importance and working forward together to aim a deep understanding of team association. All the professionals need the skills of coordination and collaboration with clinical competencies to successfully support each others for the heavy workflow (Gilardi, Guglielmetti, & Pravettoni, 2013). History excuses is not enough for real nurses to give up their active role in patient care. Nightingale made great comments on communication in teamwork. Nurses are generally expected to be a careful observer and a clear reporter to communicate accurately within whole health care team linked to patient’s safety and positive outcomes. Many researches also indicate nurses are seeking more opportunities for decision making involvement about patient care. All these powerful forth will drive the change at personal and organizational levels (MacMillan, 2012). Research studies suggest that organizational structure of nursing work can affect nurses’ perceptions of power, emotions, and behavioral responses greatly, and then has excessive impacts for their
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