Essay on Intercultural Communication And Cultural Diversity

Essay on Intercultural Communication And Cultural Diversity

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Intercultural communication has many challenges that can be dissected by applying the concepts of communication to everyday interactions. Intercultural interaction is at an all time high due to progressive social advances and the widespread use of the internet. Now more than ever, individuals from different backgrounds are interacting with one another. This newfound cultural melting pot has shone a light on the cultural diversity in local communities and around the world. In order to analyse the interactions between these cultural backgrounds key concepts of intercultural communication must be applied. Through the analysis of intercultural communication different cultures can find better appreciations of each other 's practices, challenges, and ongoing changes. Without education in intercultural communication the sensitivity to other cultures will be lost leading to a greater divide in different cultures. With cultures having variances in verbal and nonverbal communication standards it is important to recognise and adapt or the interlace of lifestyles and social cues would hit a hard stop. It is also important to appreciate how one 's culture impacts their view of the self. By expanding one 's perspective of diverse cultural backgrounds one can become a better communicator and expand their social field. The intercultural communication concept of channel gives communicators various avenues with which to share their ideas and target the best channel one for the culture they are trying to impact. The concept of perception is one of the most important communication concepts to take into account it affects how one views the self and how they are supposed to communicate. Standpoint theory explains how individuals set multiple identities...

... middle of paper ... means. The provided examples show impactful pieces of intercultural communication through different forms and means. The example of The Goldbergs, used television to share the cultural experience of a Jewish family living in America through the format of a television show. Social Media as a channel of communication affords the individual the ability to take in the input of many people with varying cultural backgrounds all at once. Face-to-face cultural transmissions allow the back and forth exchange of cultural identities and experience it leads to instant feedback, the example that was provided shows that even in a short time face-to-face communication can cause a lasting impact in both individuals. These examples show that channel has various means to submit different messages. The communicator can decide which means to use that would cause the desired impact.

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