Instructional Schedule For The Next School Year : Henry M. Gunn High School

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For the next school year, Henry M. Gunn High School changed their schedule to block schedule in order reduce stress. Although using block schedule is an acceptable way to reduce stress and help give students an ideal education, admirable teachers are more important for children to reach an ideal educational experience. Great teachers are teachers that care about their students. The students then are motivated to achieve more in their education. A great teacher can change in futures of their students, no matter how hopeless it seems. These teachers are the essential for a fantastic educational experience because they can help raise a child’s confidence, they can raise their students’ test scores up immediately, and they improve a child’s future. To begin with, admirable teachers can change a child’s confidence within themselves. For example, H. Stephen Glenn, a family psychologist, tells a story about Miss Hardy, a teacher that changed his life. Before Glenn met Miss Hardy, he was labeled as a “learning disabled” due to his dyslexia. He stuttered (he developed a stutter due to his fear of the learning process), and couldn 't write, read, or do any math. However, Miss Hardy viewed him differently. “This incredible woman [Miss Hardy] … put her arms around me and said, He’s not learning-disabled, he’s eccentric. Now, people view the potential of an eccentric child far more optimistically than a plain old disabled one. But she didn’t leave it there.”(213). Unlike the other teachers, Miss Hardy viewed him as someone who is eccentric, not a disabled child. Due to her viewing in Glenn, she tried to help him not only learn more, but also increased his confidence a and self esteem. Glenn prospered under Miss Hardy’s teachings and encourage... ... middle of paper ... ...tudents exceeding $1 million per class.” This reveals that high VA teachers can change their students’ lives. They would have more of a chance to earn enough money in their lifetime and are less likely to be teenager parents. A better or worse teacher can also involve in earning money; if a low VA teacher is replaced by an average teacher, it would generate 250,000 more money in the child’s lifetime! A child’s future will be more promising and ideal without raising a child at a young age and with more money. After all, isn’t that the whole point of an education is supposed to achieve? Not only can good teachers can help a child get their ideal education but also give them a great lifestyle. Overall, a great teacher is the essential to ideal education because they can raise their students esteem, improve their student’s grades, and give their students a better future.

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