Essay on Institutions And Their Influence On The Self And Social Identity

Essay on Institutions And Their Influence On The Self And Social Identity

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Institutions and their influence in the self and social identity
Social institutions, like educational and religious groups, enhance rule obedience and contribute to the formation of identity and sense of belonging to certain groups. People possess a set of beliefs that condition their everyday behavior, like one can think that education is the most important four our future, while other people might believe that staying at home and raising their children is their reality. However, our beliefs are influenced by the groups that we interact. For instance, if we join a feminist movement, we might start reflecting a positive attitude towards gender equality. This illustrates how our social interaction can influence or beliefs related to race, and gender. Similarly, religious institutions and other groups influence, not only our concepts of reality but also the way people act in public, how they interpret other 's behaviors. DeLamater and Myers (2011) explain people 's actions can influence the self, self-identity, linked to the perception of others, proximity in sports, and obedience; and the social identity, linked to the roles and status that people hold as part of a group in our society. In other words, even though our self-identity and social identity are different, these concepts are constantly influence each other.
For instance, when a person joints a religion this person will learn new concepts or modify what this person knew (Wilkins, 2008). This coincides with coincides with the concept illustrated by Thomas theorem "something is real in its consequences" (Thomas & Thomas. 1928). This leads to a discussion of how institutions and other groups influence, not only our concepts of reality but also the way people see themselve...

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...n society (DeLamater & Myers, 2011). Also, by belonging to an institution people reinforce their shared attitudes or life perspectives (DeLamater & Myers, 2011). For instance, people can learn how to create new habits and or to show a new behavior in society. This example is also related to the different identities that one can fulfill in society, and how institutions help to support our role identities, as we learn to display joy and contempt because we feel identify with a group and we follow the rules of this organization. Nonetheless, our ideas and beliefs are always subject to change, since we are constantly receiving information from many sources and we are molding our identity, and in the same way we feel moved by certain religious movement (Wilkins, 2008), other people might feel touched by belonging to a music band, since for them that is real at that time.

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