Social Institution Essay

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The social institution topic that I am going to use for my paper is divorce. I chose to write my paper on divorce because the divorce rate has increased and is a prevalent social institution in our society. Divorce is a common issue that is a controversial topic that has all different opinions about it. Society is influenced by the people around us, that’s why a child with separated parents exhibit a greater chance for psychological struggles because they weren’t able to have both parents around to influence them. Divorce is a component of society that influences the behaviors and choices of the child as well as the parents. Society has an influence on divorce because divorce has become a social norm in our society. Relationships in society now have less commitment than in the past generations. Another…show more content…
Interactionism Theory refers to the way individuals act in society and the choices that individuals make due to behaviors, choices, or others in society. I chose to use this sociological theory to relate to divorce because as I stated earlier in my essay, divorce can happen due to choices that each of the parents made and can relate to how the surrounding environment views that decision that the parents made. Divorce can cause emotional confusion for the child because children look to their parents like a puppy looks to his parents to influence and teach him the behaviors that an adult dog possesses. Interactionism has a perspective where it relates to why children does a certain behavior and how it influences the rest of society. Interactionism Theory Sociological theories are an important necessity in our society today because these theories serve as a prediction to how society will work in the past, present, and future. Interactionism theory can be used to gain further details about an individual’s life and how they act in certain
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