Essay about Influential Figures Of The American Revolution And War

Essay about Influential Figures Of The American Revolution And War

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Influential Figures of the American Revolution and War
This essay identifies and examines four leading figures from the American Revolution and the Revolutionary War. These key leaders individually made lasting contributions and influences, both for and against, the development of the American Revolution and War. The leaders are as follows: George Grenville, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Grenville, Paine, and Jefferson contributions were made through the written word: acts, pamphlets, and declarations. Washington impacted the revolution and war by becoming perhaps the greatest leader in American history.
George Grenville
George Grenville was born on October 14, 1712 in Buckinghamshire, England. Lord Grenville political life began in 1741 as a member of the British Parliament. He infamously enacted the Stamp Act prior to the Revolutionary War. The Stamp Act was to provide revenue to the British government for the debt incurred during the seven years French-Indian War (1756-1763) that took place in continental north America. It required Americans to pay taxes on every piece of printed-paper from letters to playing cards. The Stamp Act backfired and remains one of the key contributions in swaying early Americans to begin the American Revolution.
Prior to presenting the act to Parliament, Lord Grenville allowed the colonies time for objections and concerns. Any objections were summarily dismissed. He would not permit any colonial confrontation of the right for Parliament to implement the tax. The Stamp Act, however remained very mysterious. When questioned about the workings and the reasons of the act, Grenville often gave vague, unclear answers. Several colonial agents living in England req...

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...rriors – as well as one of America’s greatest political leaders” (p. 77)
The essay identified four figures from the American Revolution and War and explains the contributions of each. George Grenville introduced the American colonies to the Stamp Act. He and the British Monarchy unmistakably misread the atmosphere in early American. Thomas Paine wrote the Common Sense pamphlet. Common Sense strengthened the enthusiasm of the colonists for the Revolution and showed the tyrannical rule of the British King and Parliament. Thomas Jefferson spelled out violation by the King against the colonies. It decreed autonomy from British rule. George Washington held the swing vote to bring the Southern colonies into the Revolutionary War. Washington also instilled discipline, enacted enlistments, and brought training, tactics, and techniques to the Colonial Army

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