The Influence Of Widget Effect On Our Education Policy Changes Essay

The Influence Of Widget Effect On Our Education Policy Changes Essay

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First of all, the Widget Effect Report reminded a lot of the experiences I have had as an educator. I have worked for two major school districts; Oakland, CA and Kansas City, MO. Both of these districts have faced the same challenges when it comes to teacher evaluations and how they impact the profession. This report really brings up questions that should be at the forefront of our education policy changes, why do major school districts have a hard time dealing with poor instruction, and why are so many students are failing even though they are taught by professionals who have a lot of experience? As I read the report, I can not only think about my personal experience, but also about the experience of Kim Marshall as a principal.
The report did a great job at highlighting the following issues with our current teacher evaluation process: teachers are mostly rated good, teachers who do an excellent job go unnoticed, teachers sometimes receive little or low quality professional development, little support is in place for new teachers, and poor performance is not always address. These are some of the major issues I have experience and noticed were highlighted by Kim Marshall as a principal.
Most teachers agree that evaluations do not always help them improve their teaching. We also know that not all teachers receive yearly evaluations. Teachers who become tenure, usually end up having less evaluations, which results in less feedback for improvement. New teachers may have more formal evaluations, but many times these evaluations are not helpful in improving teaching. Principals are overwhelm with their workload and do not always have time to sit with every teacher and really talk about improvement and their evaluations. I also think...

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...t at highlighting the issues and offering recommendations to improve our current system. I would also add that we need to have teachers collaborate with one another more often. A lot of these issues can be changed with changing or working on the mindset of principals and teachers and how they view our education system. We need to all know we are all responsible for all of our students and not just those that are in our rosters. We also need to share with others what is working in our classroom, and what resources are working. Lastly, we need to be fine with having tough conversations when we are not performing and find ways to improve. Most school districts only see our students for around 180 days of the year, and we need to make the best of that short amount of time, but it all starts with changing our mindset, something that was often highlighted by Kim Marshall.

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