Are test scores a good indication of a school's competency?

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Before you are even born you have standards that are waiting to be met. You have a due date, your first words, first steps, and many other “first” that are expected of you. Every individual learns to do these things at different times and at different paces. These expectations continue all the way to the class room. Prior to Kindergarten, everyone learns to talk, read, and get potty- trained at different times. However, whenever you enter Kindergarten you are given the kindergarten curriculum because you are five, not necessarily because you are ready for it. Some students may be well pre-prepared in advance for the material and others may need all the help they can get. Therefore, test scores are not a good indication of a school’s competency.
When speaking about having test scores as an indication of a school’s competency, everything will be based on the school. The school will have to have something to base it on themselves in order to have the results. This is where it becomes unacceptable. The fact that the whole process puts the school in a jam will make the school fall to the employees for the work. This process leads to teacher evaluations. No one likes to be put under pressure in the classroom. To be put under pressure causes more stress than needed on the teachers behalf. How is a teacher supposed to make students perform proficiently on tests? There are many different cases that can cause a good student to have bad test results. Students may have a lack of determination. Determination is a big factor in attaining success and lack of determination can cause one to fail. Determination is something that cannot be taught nor forced on a student by their teacher. It is something they want to have in order to do good in scho...

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...verage. When having test scores as an indication of a school’s competency, everything will be out of place, time oriented into a time slot we do not have the right amount of time for, and students will be peer pressured and possibly embarrassed.

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