The Influence Of Phillis Wheatley On American Literature Today Essay

The Influence Of Phillis Wheatley On American Literature Today Essay

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Phillis Wheatley, who is now known as one of America’s most scholarly writers, has made a major impact on American Literature today. Her role in Literature had influenced many African Americans during this time period because it was very uncommon for them to become educated. Her poems made some people realize that they shouldn’t have slaves. Many people say that Phillis Wheately should go down in history as a hero while others say that she should not. Phillis is a historical hero because of the extraordinary courage that she showed by writing her poems while facing the adversities that she encountered. People disagree with this statement because they say that she did not make a difference in history.
Phillis Wheatley was born in West Africa on May 8th, 1753. Her exact birthplace is unknown but people conclude that she was born in Senegambia. This assumption was made because this vast territory was a place where she and her family had been introduced into the harsh states of slavery. Wheatley was kidnapped at the age of seven and was brought to America on a ship to serve as a slave. Upon her arrival, John Wheatley purchased the young girl as a servant for his wife, Susanna Wheatley. At the age of eight, she arrived to Boston Massachusetts. Here she was introduced to the harsh conditions that went on in the South. Unfortunately, Phillis Wheatley suffered from poor health. She also had a sense of intellect that was hard to over look and since Susanna noticed this she did not make Phillis serve as a slave. Instead, she was given lessons in English, Latin, and Greek. Although she was considered a slave, she was able to enjoy her life and was educated like no other slave. In an age in which very few white women were given an education...

... middle of paper ... black poet in America, her works gave the African slaves a sense of courage and the will to fight for equality. She also opened up the eyes of American slave owners’ showing that intelligence does not come from a person race or gender but from the Gods gift that he commended to us. Her authority to speak out and not care about the discrimination factors that she faced influenced and made a major impact on today’s society.
In addition to making an important contribution to American literature, Wheatleys literary artistic talents and intelligence helped show that race or gender did not matter. It showed that African Americans were also equally capable and smart as the white American race. She stood for equality and her ambitions for proving that all human being could benefit form education helped cause the abolitionist movement that freed the slaves from slavery.

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