Essay on Influence Of Culture During High School

Essay on Influence Of Culture During High School

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This relationship has been the most recent relationship since high school. The influence of culture has broader my relationship and has given me the impact of having an intimate relationship. Laricia and I was influence by the culture from our friends, Ex-lovers, and college surroundings. The impact of influences of culture has made a significant push in our relationship. The influence of culture is when a culture shapes the influences of their surroundings. Influences had an effect on our relationship and influence us to be together forever. We meet in a college nightclub in Norfolk, Virginia near Norfolk State University. The music was playing and the vibe was at a high. The sex ratio was high as well for men in the club. There was plenty of women there in the club that night when I meet Laricia. Sex ratio is when the number of gender is higher for males or females in a certain area. Sex ratio for men are higher in most countries. However, in the club where I meet Laricia it was higher than normal. So, my option was higher in the beginning of our relationship between Laricia and me. Her friends were even trying to talk to me in the club. Yet, we began in conflict and Laricia jealously was at a high level. Jealousy can be feelings toward other person who is not in the relationship. Jealousy is the effect of being attracted to another person. Laricia thought I was attracted to her friends because there was a high sex ration in the club for me. So, we began to talk and were attracted to each other instantly. The fundamental basis of attraction is when you are rewarding with indirect and direct rewards. Laricia was attractive and sexy in her dress. She said I was attractive with my suite and dress shoes. Our passion for each other w...

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...ther mentally instead of physical. Our relationship has to have three components to be together forever. Also, to keep the passion going in our relationship we need each other to be responsible and caring. This intimate relationship textbook has made me want to get married with my girlfriend Laricia. It has taught me about cohabiting and loving each other. Especially communication and listening to each other. Being together and not avoiding conflict. To take a step back and listen to each other. We are going to love each other and care for each other more and more. Loving someone is not just about sex it is about chemistry and an intimate connection. Overall, my relationship has been successful and I have love Laricia more since I was taught the concepts and theories of this Intimate Relationship textbook. This textbook is very helpful and informative in every aspect.

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