Culture And Culture: Theories And Effect Of Culture

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The fifth dimension of culture: Michael bond (1988):

Hofstede’s initial research stimulated other culture related studies and the fifth cultural dimension was isolated in association with Canadian researcher Michael bond (1988). whose research was conducted from a Chinese perspective. (Cole,2003, p129)

Short term orientation is when you are focused on the present or past and consider them more important than the future. This means you value tradition, social hierarchy and fulfilling your social obligations. (LTO vs STO,2015) Long term orientation is when you encourage thrift and efforts in modern education as a way to prepare for the future. (Geert hofested,2012)

Countries that scored high on Long term orientation includes china, Taiwan,
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To explore culture theories and how it effects management nationally as well as internationally.
2. To examine management theories and effect of culture.
The research is to gather many aspects on how culture can effect management within a nation and globally. Theories of both culture and management are collated through journals, books and the internet.
Relevant data required and Data collection methods:
The strategy that will be used to collect data are questionnaires. Questionnaires will be given out manually and through the self administered electronically based questionnaires via email to managers of several supermarkets. The supermarkets will range from Tesco, See woo, Taj stores, asda, Sainsbury and a few more. This is to ensure that data has cultural range.
The questionnaires will accumulate questions that facilitate drawing a relation between culture and management. Questionnaire’s are chosen because it is a way of collecting both quantitative and qualitative data.

Accessibility, Reliability, Validity and Ethics:

• Accessibility is not difficult as there are so many supermarkets manager’s to choose from. Also emails are always available on the website. I can also always go into a supermarket and give questionnaire’s out

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