Incorporating Family Involvement with Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Chinese Americans in Elementary Schools

Incorporating Family Involvement with Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Chinese Americans in Elementary Schools

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Cultural diversity has been a major issue of concern for several decades, and it has affected institutions of learning, where facilitators have to balance the family and school involvement in enhancing learning. Establishing a meaningful environment for students with diverse backgrounds enhances positive performance in their academic, personal, and professional objectives. A healthy relationship with family members involves identifying the needs of each family’s cultural stand; this is because a culture may play a major role in defining a family’s responsiveness to a school’s involvement. The globalization aspect has facilitated the creation of a multicultural society, and hence the need for an education system that addresses the need to foster a conducive environment for learning. It is imperative to define the essence of family involvement and collaboration in schools’ activities, especially where cultural diversity is concerned.
The rapid growth in culture, linguistic, and ethnic diversity require family involvement in the modern education system. According to Turner-Vorbeck (2013), initiating a multicultural education system allows the inclusion of each family’s needs in the school setting, which contributes to a heightened sensitivity to cultural issues among teachers. The multicultural education system provides guidelines that teachers should follow to satisfy the diverse student population (Morrel & Duncan-Andrade, 2008). Generalization is a major challenge facing students with diverse cultures, as teachers fail to treat each of them as an individual and instead characterize them under the same cultural class. Chinese families entrust their lives with their children’s education because they believe that success in people’s...

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...the most beneficial strategies to increase efficiency in learning. The research educators should analyze the perception of such pedagogy on family members with diverse cultural backgrounds. Some parents may feel that they are being forced into adopting other cultures, which may create a negative attitude towards the school administration. This may also affect the children’s academic performance if they feel left out. It is essential to establish measures that ensure all cultures are equally considered in fostering effective learning. Researchers should seek further information on the effective strategies that can help students remain interested in learning about different cultures. Students should involve their parents in the learning process; therefore, it is vital to examine the home-school culture and determine the impact of each aspect in the learning process.

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